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You need to go beyond BI.

Business intelligence, analytics and visualisation tools leave users asking “so what” and “what do I do about this report?”. Sky Ledge combines visibility with the ability to respond with action.

Insights demand


Traditional graphs and reports leave you asking "so what" and "what do I do about it?". Sky Ledge surfaces practical insights with the ability to take action. Raise an alarm, approve an invoice, issue a reminder, provide clearance with any type of action.

Systems need


Staff hate sifting through multiple systems to find stuff. Sky Ledge beautifully ties your platforms together giving your team a single, consistent experience.

Teams expect


Your teams need to manage their environment effectively. Each team has access to their own, personalised view of what's important to them. This way your OH&S, Finance, Asset and any other team is managing what they care about.

Assets need


We go beyond basic asset management. We automate maintenance, enable predictive maintenance and translate insights about assets in language that makes sense to different stakeholders.

Places shape


Answer geographic questions that impact your operations. Unearth geographic patterns hidden in your data, and convey that information in a way that is actionable.

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Organisations in every industry have been looking for ways to break silos and get on top of issues quickly and effectively. This has been exacerbated by an increased reliance on remote teams.

This is where Situational Awareness & Control becomes a game-changer.

Situational Awareness & Control platforms like Sky Ledge help you bridge silos and combine information from different places to give you a more complete picture of what's happening. Situational Awareness and Control goes beyond flooding you with reports and alerts, it’s the ability to respond with action.

Do you ask yourself one or more of these questions?

  • My team hate hopping between different systems to find a information about a customer, asset or process.
  • I need to know when things happen, and my team need to be able to respond to incidents and events with action.
  • I need to reduce cost of manual processes for myself or my customers.
  • My organisation deploys Artificial Intelligence but our model(s) are missing a front door for people to interact with it in a practical way.
  • I need to connect the dots across my people, assets and processes. I want to see the story behind data sitting in different systems and sensors.

If so, reach out, Sky Ledge can help.

No. Sky Ledge leverages and unifies your existing systems.

If your system(s) have gaps, Sky Ledge can fill these using custom apps.

Sky Ledge is an Application Enablement Platform. This means we leverage existing capabilities and build on these where possible and especially if your existing systems are doing what they do well. This could be an existing BI, Asset Management or any other system you may have previously implemented.

We have a simple, successful and repeatable approach.

First, let's get clear on the business problem you need to solve.

Next, we'll do some rapid prototyping to help you prioritise outcomes.

Once you're clear, we'll get down to implementation.

Our process is fun and keeps you in control of the journey towards actionable insights.

How do you want to See, Predict and Respond?